September 2008

In the fall of 2008 we began an initiative to ship our products using our own trucks and our own people. It was not too long ago that all cabinetry was moved on corporate trucks manned by company employees, minimizing damages and handling (one of the leading causes of damage in transit).  When companies competed to cut costs, company trucks fell out of favour and were replaced by outsourced transport companies who move bulk freight and cabinetry through various distribution centres.  While this did reduce the cost, damages went way up causing tremendous inconvenience for installers, sales staff and end use customers.

Westwood acquired three 5 tonne trucks and began regular service cycles to our dealers in British Columbia & Alberta. To date we have cut back shipping damage by almost 95% and increased customer satisfaction exponentially. As Walter from Home Hardware, Fernie put it “Cabinet companies are back to figuring out they are the best able to move their products so that they don’t get damaged!” Thank you for that Walter, you spoke and we were listening.



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