October 2008

Starting in October 2008 Westwood is proud to introduce a quick build program in a selection of 20 unique doors and a limited cabinet selection. There are several factors driving this program. First there is a need for consumers to get a quality made cabinet in a short turnaround time.  These cabinets will be built to the same great quality level customers have come to expect from Westwood. One notable exception however will be the use of melamine print finished ends versus veneer. The use of melamine helps reduce the cost and speeds the production process allowing Westwood to meet its commitment of product being ready to ship 11 business days from date of signed off order. 

For builders and dealers this is great line as it allows designers to measure the kitchens after all the variables have been determined and the home is dry walled. No more having to deal with the wrong size cabinetry being ordered or plumbing & electrical plugs in the wrong place. Westwood helps dealers and customers by keeping their costs down this is just another way.



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