Westwood Fine Cabinetry has a reputation for its great customer service and even more so for our amazing selection of products related to cabinetry. Manufacturing everything in house gives us the flexibility necessary to produce a true custom looking cabinet product for our clients.

We manufacture all of our cabinets in our 6000 square foot Kelowna facility. This detail not only differentiates us from the competition but it means that our customers have an infinite number of cabinet combinations to choose from. From the lacquer and stain choices to the cabinet door style and what wood type is preferred you can be ensured that by choosing Westwood Fine Cabinetry, there will be some detail to your cabinetry that is different from your neighbors!

Westwood Fine Cabinetry We offer over 25 different wood door profiles so you can choose the one that best expresses your individual style.

We hand-pick the finest woods for their colour, grain, strength, texture and density.

27 different stains on six different types of wood -Westwood offers unsurpassed choice!

We exercise total control over milling and finishing ensuring high quality and lasting value.
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